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With over 20 years of experience, e-Core is a leading technology consulting and development services provider that helps high-growth and established companies innovate, scale, and transform.

e-Core is a trusted consulting and development services partner that works with customers to unlock the value of technology investments.e-Core offers consulting and software development services to improve agility and speed-to-market with innovative solutions.

We are e-Core, and evolution is our core.

20 years of history.
And what a history!

For almost two decades, we have achieved remarkable growth, leading us to our current recognition and success in the IT market.

1999 – The beginning of the electronic core

Leandro Pompermaier, Márcio Silveira and Vinicius Pinheiro worked together at HP. They had a few things in common – entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to build up a productive and respectful working environment. e-Core took form as a Java training center.

2002 – A new offer

In search of new horizons, e-Core expands its original operation focused on software development and consulting services and starts to work with larger clients such as Bunge.

2004 – The right place at the right time

e-Core earns a significant role integrating a project in partnership with Bunge. By delivering great results, the company is also placed in charge of coordinating the U.S. operation, making its first international experience a reality.

2004 – Innovative solutions: Jira

Needing to scale its operation and optimize project and distributed teams management, e-Core starts to use Jira, one of the Atlassian tools.

2006 – Atlassian Experts

As quickly as e-Core was growing and perfecting its internal processes, partners and clients started getting interested in Jira. The company begins to sell licenses related to Atlassian tools and becomes an Atlassian Partner.

2006 – It’s time to move!

With the goal of increasing opportunities to recruit more team members and providing a great work environment, e-Core moves its operation to a new office in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

2006 – Centralizing efforts

e-Core starts its internationalization process and begins operating in White Plains, New York, with the goal of boosting its global presence and getting closer to international customers.

2008 – Great place to work

Acknowledged as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, it was evident that the dream of providing positive experiences and best practices in a friendly environment became true.

2011 – Atlassian Experts Platinum: long-term relationship

As e-Core boosts its strategy and expands Atlassian services offerings, the company becomes an Atlassian Expert Platinum, achieving a landmark US$250,000 in licenses sold.

2011 – Atlassian summit San Francisco

At the Atlassian Summit 2011, e-Core presents its business practices to the other Atlassian Partners.

2012 – e-Core expands Atlassian offer in Brazil

With the Atlassian consulting services expansion and the new badge achieved, the company extends its Brazilian presence,opening a new office in São Paulo.

2015 – e-Core increases U.S. presence

After a strategic analysis made in partnership with UCLA, e-Core strengthens its Atlassian consulting services to U.S. based clients.

2015 – Atlassian Experts Enterprise

e-Core becomes an Atlassian Enterprise Partner demonstrating experience and skills in handling Enterprise level challenges (1000+ users) such as scalability, performance and security.

2016 – The power of teamwork

As a way of structuring its volunteer culture, e-Core joins the Pledge 1% program. By devoting one percent of its employees’ time, the company expands the positive social impact of its teams.

2017 – Atlassian Training Partner

e-Core is the largest Atlassian Partner in Latin America and continues to grow in the U.S. The company earns the Atlassian Training Partner badge and is authorized to promote Atlassian official trainings in Brazil.

2017 – e-Core expands Porto Alegre HQ

With 30% growth in full-time staff in 2016 and doubled revenue in the last two years, it is time to expand the main HQ in Porto Alegre. The new space represents an important milestone in the company’s growth, reflecting a new cycle for e-Core.

2018 – If one is good, three is even better

If opening an office is an important milestone in the company’s history, think about three! e-Core began 2018 by opening additional office space in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, and at the end of the year it also expanded two other locations: in São Paulo and White Plains.

The principles of a successful team

We put into practice core values that shape our culture and guide our actions.

Better together

Better together

Build trust

Build trust

Deliver & delight

Deliver & delight

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning



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