Agile & DevOps with Atlassian Solutions

Scale optimal Atlassian solutions across the enterprise to speed up project delivery and accelerate time-to-market.

What we do

We guide, implement and support Atlassian solutions to scale Enterprise Agility across the entire organization, fostering innovation, and accelerated time-to-market through Portfolio Management and the strategic integration of Atlassian tools.

Enterprise Agility

We empower organizations to seamlessly adapt, innovate, and accelerate their time-to-market through the strategic integration of Atlassian tools, fostering collaboration, and optimizing workflow synchronization across the entire enterprise.

SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management)

By providing a holistic and strategic approach to portfolio management, we enable organizations to align business objectives with project portfolios, optimizing resource allocation, and driving informed decision-making for sustained success.

PPM (Project Portfolio Management)

Guided by a best-practices-driven SPM, we offer a comprehensive platform that enhances visibility and coordination, ultimately ensuring successful project delivery across the organization with optimal resource utilization.

Open DevOps

With a collaborative framework that promotes the integration of diverse tools and practices, we facilitate a holistic approach to DevOps to enhance agility, efficiency, and collaboration in software development.

Why e-Core

Service Delivery Excellence

Orbit AI Catalyst 

We empower our tech specialists with the right AI Agents to enhance their productivity, improve quality and accelerate delivery times significantly.

Robust Engagement Model

globally tested and validated in 24+ years of experience.




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Cost efficiency

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from 40 to 55%

in NY, delivery centers in
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