Agile & DevOps

Respond to market demands with dexterity and empower your teams for better, faster software delivery by adopting agile processes for software development.

What we do

Whether you are just starting your agile transformation journey or scaling processes for growth, e-Core has the skills and experience you need to overcome any obstacle.

Whether your company is just beginning the agile transformation journey or is interested in scaling agile processes to the enterprise level, e-Core can help overcome any agile transformation challenges you encounter. Leverage our expertise with agile software development to transform your development processes to maximize the benefits of agile processes: improving quality, speed-to-market, transparency, morale, and productivity.

Agile Software Development Outsourcing

At e-Core, you can outsource a project – or many projects – to an agile nearshore software development team. This dedicated team can either take the form of an extended team, which works under the direction of the client; or as a custom software development solution that delivers a completed project within the scope of work.

Agile Implementation

We help you improve your software development, collaboration, and project management by boosting agile practices. Increase visibility in your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and prioritize the work you need to succeed by implementing tools to track your projects and provide Agile reports.

Project Portfolio Management

Eliminate bottlenecks in software development by expanding the agile capabilities of your team. Support cross-project planning with a clear roadmap, capacity planning, and transparent dependencies while improving communication and collaboration.

Scaling Agile to Enterprise

Connect your team deliverables to company strategy and make dev team achievements visible to the executive level. Monitor the status, risks, health, and funding strategies of each initiative. Maximize the value of each stage of the software development process with e-Core’s support.

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