Fireside Chat, Episode 1: Getting to Business with Cloud

Published: April 17, 2024

In the first episode of e-Core’s Fireside Chat, our host and Managing Director Dan Teixeira led an engaging discussion with two industry experts: Filipe Barretto, e-Core’s AWS Global Practice Leader, and Bruno Vilardi, Solutions Architect at e-Core. Within 48 minutes, they explored how cloud computing has evolved from a mere technical tool to a strategic cornerstone influencing decision-making at the highest levels.

Filipe Barretto started the conversation by shedding light on how perceptions of cloud computing have shifted over time. Drawing from his decade-long experience in the cloud ecosystem, Filipe emphasized how cloud technology has become instrumental in driving business agility and fostering innovation. Bruno Vilardi expanded on these insights, highlighting the diverse benefits of embracing cloud computing, including cost savings, improved staff productivity, and enhanced operational resilience.

The conversation then shifted to the importance of industry-specific solutions and innovation within cloud computing. Filipe and Bruno discussed how businesses can identify and seize market opportunities by harnessing data-driven insights. They also showcased e-Core’s tailored approach to addressing specific business challenges through AWS/cloud solutions, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right tools and overcoming innovation barriers.

Financial predictability and optimization in cloud operations were also key points of discussion, with a focus on FinOps practices. Filipe explained the concept of what is FinOps and its critical role in optimizing cloud-based solutions, while Bruno shared practical strategies for effectively managing cloud resources to drive down costs and enhance operational efficiency.


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