Webinar | Atlassian Team ’24 Recap

Published: April 25, 2024

Webinar: Atlassian Team ’24 Recap 
May 9th, 1 PM (EST)
With Vando Gonçalves (Atlassian Solutions Architect) and AJ Schmalenberger (ITSM Evangelist)

Our elite team of Atlassian Experts brings you the latest and most important updates from the world’s premier event on teamwork. Experience exclusive insights and perspectives from our seasoned professionals in our Atlassian Team ’24 recap.

Why attend? Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • Atlassian Rovo: Meet Atlassian’s new AI agent, designed to collaborate and enhance your teams’ expertise.
  • Unified Search: See how this new tool will revolutionize decision-making across organizations of all sizes.
  • Guard: Learn how Atlassian is helping enterprises comply with stringent security standards.
  • Jira Discovery Premium: Discover what’s new in one of the fastest-growing products in Atlassian’s history.
  • Integration of Compass, Optic, and Opsgenie: Understand how these tools are reshaping IT services and product development.
  • Loom & Other Tools: Learn how to cut meetings and scale your work with asynchronous collaboration.
  • Jira for All Teams: Get a glimpse of all the new features that will ease adoption across all enterprise teams.

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