Technical Solutions for Atlassian Environments

Ensure optimal configuration and customization of Atlassian tools to foster operational continuity and business growth.

What we do

We implement, configure, and optimize Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps, aligning customization with organizational goals to enhance the environment technical performance.

Atlassian Licensing Management

With expert recommendation, we help you set up and manage the optimal license setup for your context, including upgrades and renewals. We proactively communicate potential license changes that may impact your fees, outlining in advance their financial impact and proposing alternatives to keep your operations cost-effective.

Implementation & Configuration

We seamlessly implement and configure Atlassian tools, ensuring optimal customization to meet your toolset with organizational goals and strategy to enhance collaboration and productivity towards your envisioned success.

Marketplace Apps Consulting

With specialized consulting for Atlassian Marketplace Apps, we provide guidance to optimize app selection, integration, and configuration, optimizing licensing costs and enhancing the performance of your Atlassian ecosystem.

Atlassian Tooling Optimization

With incomparable expertise with Atlassian Solutions, we streamline and enhance the performance of your apps ecosystem, ensuring optimal configuration, integration, and utilization for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Atlassian Training and Support

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our training options for admin or end-users ensure you harness the full potential of Atlassian tools. Plus, our dedicated support ensures you have back up if you need expert help.

Why e-Core

Service Delivery Excellence

Orbit AI Catalyst 

We empower our tech specialists with the right AI Agents to enhance their productivity, improve quality and accelerate delivery times significantly.

Robust Engagement Model

globally tested and validated in 24+ years of experience.




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Cost efficiency

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from 40 to 55%

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