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Introducing Orbit AI, a suite of AI-powered solutions that supercharge your services and deliver tailor-made innovations with Generative AI, Machine Learning and Data & Analytics. Close the readiness gap, expand capabilities, enhance customer experience and accelerate growth to fuel your competitive advantage.

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Tailor-made solutions powered by Data and Analytics, Machine Learning and Generative AI to give you a competitive edge and transform your business.

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We empower our tech specialists with the right AI Agents to enhance their productivity, improve quality and accelerate delivery times significantly. The results? Innovative solutions and business impact delivered to you, faster.

How Orbit AI supercharges our services

As a launch offer we are giving an 1 hour consulting session for the first 15 who fill out the form*. During the call, one of our AI Specialists will go over your questions, discuss potential use cases and POCs, and see if our customized Discovery session is a good fit for you!

*Consult terms and conditions

at the core

Your data privacy is our top priority.

We value your privacy. Your data remains exclusively yours – it is never used to train third-party AI models. 

Advanced security measures. We follow the most advanced security and compliance standards to ensure the utmost protection and confidentiality.

Absolute Transparency. Your data is never integrated into our AI systems without your explicit consent. 

Envision your Future


approximate increase in profit linked to AI adoption


of corporate strategists see AI as critical to their success over the next two years


of organizations expect to increase AI investments within the next three years


of business owners anticipate AI will improve customer relationships and increase productivity

(Source: Forbes)


of business owners expect AI to drive sales growth

(Source: Forbes)

save-costs e-core


of business expect AI to help them save costs

(Source: Forbes)

Why e-Core


Strong in Data

Expertise in Big Data, Data Lakes and utilizing data for ML/AI projects

Cloud powered data processing for actionable metrics

Architect and configure high performance environments while keeping costs in check

AWS Data-Driven Everything specialist

AI Specialist 

Expertise in creating customized Generative AI solutions, from ideation to execution

Machine Learning capabilities include recommendation engines, forecasting, image processing, and predictive maintenance.

App & Cloud 

A multi-certified team skilled in Cloud architecture, application development and Data disciplines

Enterprise-level cloud projects that involved feature engineering, algorithm selection, model training and deployment

Successfully executed projects in AWS and GCP environments

Cost Efficiency 

→ 15+ Year of experience with nearshore

– Cost savings from 40 to 55% 

– USA time zone fit

– Offices in NY, Brazil and Mexico

Track Record

One of the few Certified AWS Data & Analytics partners with Nearshore Delivery

20+ of experience in Application Development

300+ Active customers

Multiple Cases


We nurture strategic partnerships and have multiple skills and expertise to strategize, execute and sustain a smooth journey to digital acceleration.

What our customers say about us

FAQ on Security for AI & GenAI Solutions

At e-Core, we take the privacy and security of our clients' data very seriously. We understand that the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as language models from OpenAI (GPT), Google (Bard and PaLM 2), AWS (Bedrock) and Meta (Llama2), can raise concerns. This FAQ explains how we use these technologies responsibly.

No! We always use paid or pro versions that do not share sensitive information. All of these tools are in full compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. In addition to that, we make sure to configure every tool with the proper security controls and industry best practices and standards in order to protect every customers’ data.

We develop AI models ethically and safely, following strict protocols for the protection of client data. We use public and anonymous databases for initial training and refine with synthetic or open-source data. The models are constantly monitored to maintain their integrity.

e-Core adheres to key privacy regulations like LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA by implementing robust data protection measures. We obtain user consent and conduct DPIAs (Data Protection Impact Assessment) for projects involving personal data. 

Data, according to need and application, is anonymized, encrypted and kept in a secure environment through cloud providers such as AWS. Our clients can manage their data and request manual reviews of automated decisions. Transparency and continuous employee training ensure compliance and security.

There are several actions to achieve that, such as:

Extensive offline testing: before going into production, the models undergo various tests using synthetic data to ensure accuracy.

In-production monitoring: we continuously track the performance and outputs of the models to detect deviations.

Human review: all forecasts are checked by experts before being delivered to clients.

Continuous model training: we incorporate customer feedback to regularly improve and re-train the models.

Transparent documentation: we record and report the known capabilities and limitations of the forecasts.

Security: regular testing of vulnerabilities and compliance with standards.

At e-Core, we take the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence very seriously. Before putting any model into production, we carry out extensive bias tests using established methodologies to identify and correct possible unfair biases.

We also incorporate transparency and explainability mechanisms into our models, providing documentation and tools that allow decisions and outputs to be understood.

In addition, we continuously monitor the models in use for ethical problems and are always open to feedback from clients. If biases or unethical decisions are identified, we have robust processes in place to investigate the causes, suspend the use of the models and update the algorithms to resolve these issues.

We are committed to ensuring that our AI systems reflect our highest ethical values. We believe that AI should benefit everyone in a fair, transparent and accountable way.

The integration of AI tools, such as ChatGPT Plus or GitHub Copilot Business, increases operational efficiency, improves code quality and facilitates data-driven decision-making. These tools are aligned with e-Core’s focus on customer-centric solutions and enable business acceleration and transformation.

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