About us

We connect the power of technology with a human touch to transform companies and boost their digital evolutions.

Our Purpose

We believe in the positive impact of digital evolution, and we want to be the trusted partner of those who want to transform the world and build a better future for people. This is what moves us and what gives us the courage to evolve and go beyond. This is our mission: to connect people and technology to build a better future together.

Who we are

We are a consulting and technology services partner focused on digital innovation and business transformation.

We combine our global experience in diverse industries with leading-edge technologies to help our customers transform and accelerate their business models, develop innovative digital solutions, scale technological capabilities, and sustain their growth.

We are e-Core, your partner to evolve and go beyond.


Global Presence

With offices in Brazil, the United States, and Mexico, we have a global DNA, and we have achieved important milestones that mark our trajectory:

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Years of experience on the market
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Customers served in more than 12 countries
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Professionals on our teams
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Industry segments that we serve

Our Expertise

We understand that each customer’s digital journey must be unique and personalized. Therefore, we immerse ourselves in the business context of our customers and deeply understand their needs and challenges, design strategies, and implement end-to-end technology solutions that accelerate and transform their business.

Business, technologies and methodologies expertise:

Business, technologies and methodologies expertise:

Our Customers

We pride ourselves on being the trusted partner of a diverse base of customers who set the benchmarks for and lead their industries.

Our Social Responsibility

In line to our mission of connecting people with technology and our commitment to social responsibility, we conduct a series of initiatives focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to prepare the workforce of the future.


Our culture and people

We build a collaborative, multicultural work environment that prioritizes people and their potential. That is why we are recognized year after year with awards and industry recognitions for our practices and organizational culture, and we are proud of what we have achieved so far. We are always evolving, we are always looking to go further.

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