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Special Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions above aim to address agreements related with:

1. The Flash Cloud Migrations;

2. the Atlassian Cloud Services bundle with Atlassian Managed Services.

Terms and conditions related to Atlassian Cloud Services, such as its scope and MSA, might be checked with our sales team. Click here to get in touch and learn more.

1. Flash Cloud Migration 

Flash Cloud migrations have different deadlines for different instance sizes and characteristics: Small, Medium and Large. The size of the instances to be migrated to the cloud are defined according to their respective levels of complexity. 

Important note: An “instance” refers to one installation of an Atlassian product. For example, if you have Jira Software and Confluence, that would be considered two instances. Similarly, if you have two installations of Jira Software, that would also be considered two instances. Likewise, if you have two instances of the same Atlassian product (2 Jira Software), they are considered two instances.

Eligible products for Flash Cloud Migration are: Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.

By contracting the Flash Cloud Migration within the Atlassian Cloud offer, e-Core migrates your Atlassian product instance within the predetermined deadline for the size of your instance. Check the criteria in the table below.

Instance sizing

  • Small: Less than 500 users, less than 50 Jira projects or Confluence spaces, less than 1,000 issues per project (Jira only), and less than 500 Workflows or Automations.
  • Medium: Less than 1,000 users, less than 100 Jira projects or Confluence spaces, less than 10,000 issues per project (Jira only), and less than 500 Workflows or Automations.
  • Large: Less than 2,000 users, less than 500 Jira projects or Confluence spaces, less than 100,000 issues per project (Jira only), and less than 500 Workflows or Automations.

Migration deadlines

  • Small: 30 business days
  • Medium: 50 business days
  • Large: 80 business days

Flash Cloud Migration only considers the migration of Marketplace Apps that are available in the cloud with migration paths. Check the list of eligible apps for Jira and Confluence.

Marketplace apps not available in the cloud or without migration paths and custom apps or custom integrations are not covered by the scope of Flash Cloud Migration.

Before starting the instance migration through Flash Cloud Migration, the Atlassian product server instance must be updated to the latest version. If your instance is out of date, we offer an AddOn to update it so that it can be migrated. Contact our sales team for more information about the AddOn for upgrading the instance version.

The migration deadline, defined in business days, will be counted from the Project Kick-Off, not considering interruptions motivated from the customer end.

If your environment has multiple instances of Atlassian products, e-Core can migrate each of them at the migration deadline according to their sizes (small, medium or large) or create a customized migration plan for the entire Atlassian environment.

If your instance does not suit into one of the categories and meets requirements above, it is not eligible to be migrated within the defined deadlines for Flash Cloud Migration, but don’t worry e-Core can still help you. Our Solution Architecture team will be pleased to customize a solution to address your unique challenges and migrate as quickly as possible, with all the security needed.

Contact our sales team to check the best and fastest migration approach to your Atlassian environment needs. 

– By contracting the Flash Cloud Migration within the Atlassian Cloud offer, you get two months for free of Atlassian Managed Services,  as part of the Atlassian Cloud Services bundle with Atlassian Managed Services. Check the bundle terms and conditions below.

2. Atlassian Cloud Services bundle with Atlassian Managed Services 

By contracting the Atlassian Cloud Migration services, you receive, for free, two months to try Atlassian Managed Services with bonus of 16h of consultancy. 

At the end of the trial period, we provide the ease of automatically renewing the Atlassian Managed Services for 12 months. To cancel the automatic renewal, the contractor must notify e-Core at least 15 days before the renewal’s due date.

Atlassian Managed Services is a single service for all business needs related to sustaining Atlassian environments, including ongoing maintenance and support, governance, optimization, and training to ensure the toolset continuously supports your company’s dynamic needs.

Atlassian Managed Services (with bonus of 16h of consultancy) include:

Management and Support

  1. Product Administration – Unlimited
  2. System Administration – Unlimited
  3. License cost management and optimization – Every six months
  4. Governance, evaluation, and reporting – Included
  5. Advanced SLA
  6. Functional Health Check – Every six months
  7. Incident and Problem Management – Unlimited
  8. Questions and Answers and Assisted Operation – Unlimited
  9. Atlassian Tools Workshops – Quarterly

Evolution – You can use 16 hours per month of the following services:

  1. Change Management
  2. Current status assessment
  3. Implementation strategy and roadmap (pending management)
  4. Atlassian Expert Consulting
  5. Consulting on a working model for business areas

Contact our sales team for more details on the scope of the services mentioned above. 

Important notes:

  • The bundle offer is valid for all Atlassian Cloud migration projects contracted after its launching on April 18th (2023) at the Atlassian Teams 23 event.
  • The bundle offer is valid indefinitely. Please contact our sales team to check offer availability.

Let’s talk! The Atlassian server end of life is fast approaching. Count on e-Core to migrate to Atlassian Cloud on time, with no business interruption, and optimize Atlassian Cloud benefits.