Strategies for Improving Team Performance using Jira and Automation

In this session of the e-Core Connections ’22 Conference, Rachel Wright, Author of Strategy for Jira®, will cover the Must-use Jira features to improve team collaboration and user productivity:

  • Examples for business teams (using Jira Work Management);
  • Examples for development teams (using Jira Software);
  • Examples for support teams (using Jira Service Management).

And also ways to reduce friction, delays, and manual work using automation:

  • Advanced, alternate, or interesting use cases recently built for customers. Ex: JSM as a conversation platform, managing dependencies between Jira Software and Jira Service Management, managing similar requests in bulk, calculating conditional data, keeping related data in sync, SLA alerts, etc.
  • Ways to effectively manage automation rules.

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Topics: IT Solutions, Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Jira Work Management

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