Explore our history: 24 years of e-Core

Published: August 30, 2023

e-Core specializes in supporting companies in creating new digital solutions, agile transformation, and cloud modernization. Our purpose is to connect the power of technology with a human perspective to transform and accelerate the digital evolution of businesses and increase their impact on society and people’s lives.

This year, e-Core celebrates 24 years of history, and throughout this article, you will get to know a bit about us, explore our business lines, and learn about the key pillars that guide our culture. Keep reading to find out more!

The Beginning

Three employees from Hewlett-Packard shared the vision of creating a technology company based on fundamental values, managed with excellent organizational principles, and, above all, offering an inspiring work environment.

Leandro Pompermaier, Márcio Silveira, and Vinícius Pinheiro founded e-Core, initially as a Java training center. Soon, e-Core’s work approach attracted major clients, such as the multinational agribusiness and food production company Bunge. Java training evolved into software development.

Want to know more about our history? Check out the complete documentary that tells the story of e-Core’s early years at this link.

A Place to Evolve and Make an Impact

Currently, we have a global DNA with e-Coreans in Brazil, the United States, and Mexico, and numbers we take pride in sharing. Over 750 skilled e-Core professionals serve more than 270 clients in countries like Brazil, the United States, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, and others. Here are some of our numbers:

Our numbers

We connect people and technology to build a better future

We combine a global experience in different business sectors with the technological expertise of our services to help market-leading companies digitally transform and accelerate their businesses. Our team uses the most advanced technologies and approaches in the market to create cutting-edge, scalable digital products and solutions for our clients.

As an e-Corean, you’ll have the opportunity to work with:

Strategy, design, and engineering: delivering amazing digital solutions and improving software development capabilities, creating applications, integrations, and workflows that enhance our clients’ efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

Organization modernization: enhancing the agility, scalability, speed, and performance of applications like Jira and Trello, working on national and international projects to transform organizations through software support and development.

Cloud business journey: supporting companies in building comprehensive and secure cloud and big data solutions, solving client challenges across different sectors and using the most modern technologies in the market.

Want to know more about technology careers at e-Core? Visit our careers website at this link.

e-Corean Way of Life

What sets e-Core apart over all these years is remaining true to its essence, its DNA, created by our founders 24 years ago.

For us, institutional values go beyond words. They’re present in our daily lives and genuinely permeate throughout the organization.

There are five core values that e-Core takes seriously. They infuse the organization, guiding our attitudes and decisions every day. They are: Deliver & Delight, Build Trust, Lifelong Learning, Better Together, and Self-Start.

Explore how we put them into practice below:

Our Values

We’re just getting started

Our formula for growth and success in business has always involved a clear purpose and guidance by our values. This approach will continue to guide our path in the years ahead, with the goal of benefiting both our clients through technological solutions and our team with growth opportunities.

Technologies come and go; what differentiates e-Core, now and in the future, is staying true to its essence.

Want to be part of our team? Join our community of talent and visit our careers page to explore life at e-Core.


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