How to enhance performance in your Atlassian toolset

Published: July 26, 2023

Atlassian tools are known for their versatility, but as your usage and data volume expand, you may encounter performance issues. A sluggish Atlassian toolset can be a major roadblock to productivity. If you’ve found yourself wondering why your Atlassian toolset is running slow or experiencing performance issues, it’s time to delve into the root causes and discover effective solutions.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common challenges faced by Jira Cloud admins and effective strategies to enhance the performance of your Atlassian toolset.

Understanding the Challenges

In the world of Jira and Atlassian administration, it’s crucial to be aware of the common pain points and performance issues that can hinder your team’s productivity. By understanding these challenges, you can take proactive steps to overcome them and optimize your toolset for seamless collaboration.

Now, let’s see some problems that your organization may encounter:

  • Slow loading times: delays in accessing projects, issues, or dashboards can frustrate users and hinder productivity;
  • System crashes and timeouts: frequent system crashes or timeouts disrupt work and cause data loss or inconsistencies;
  • Performance degradation with increasing usage: as your organization scales and adds more projects and users, the toolset’s performance may suffer.
  • Inefficient workflows and configurations: poorly designed workflows and configurations can lead to bottlenecks and unnecessary complexities;
  • Inadequate resource allocation: improper allocation of system resources can strain the toolset and impact performance;

The solution: ongoing management and support

The lack of ongoing maintenance and support is often the root cause of most performance issues related to Atlassian tools. It’s a common situation: you need a creative way to overcome system limitations and code your own solution. Over time, without continuous optimizations, the accumulation of workarounds, the absence of updates, and fault identification can lead to a messy situation.

Other times the lack of agile incident resolution is to blame. When you can’t proactively diagnose and reverse errors related to unplanned interruptions, decreased performance, and other incidents tied to third-party systems and applications, you end up wasting time and money reacting to incidents that impact your toolset’s performance.

To address these challenges and improve the performance of your Atlassian toolset, consider implementing the following best practices and tips:

  • Streamlining configurations: learn how to fine-tune your settings, custom fields, and permissions to optimize performance and ensure a seamless user experience;
  • Optimizing workflows: discover strategies to simplify and optimize your workflows, reducing unnecessary steps and improving overall efficiency;
  • Evaluating and optimizing add-ons: explore the world of Atlassian marketplace add-ons and gain insights on selecting, managing, and optimizing the right ones to enhance your toolset performance.

However, when you and your team are already overwhelmed with core activities, finding the time and resources to implement these strategies can be challenging. In such cases, partnering with a managed services provider who possesses the necessary knowledge, experience, and technical expertise can be a game-changer. They can help ensure ongoing maintenance, support, and optimization of your Atlassian environment, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while enjoying an enhanced toolset performance.

Unleashing the Potential of Managed Services

Managed services offer a range of benefits that go beyond traditional support, providing you with the expertise and resources needed to optimize your toolset. These services cover a wide range of areas, including performance monitoring, security enhancements, system updates, and proactive issue resolution.

At e-Core, we have created Atlassian Managed Services, which allows you to continuously align your Atlassian environment with your business evolution and growth, covering all business needs related to sustaining Atlassian environments in a single service.

Some of the benefits of Prime Services are:

  • Enhanced toolset performance: Identify faulty, missing elements and errors in the implementation and configuration of the Atlassian environment to maximize performance and reduce manual tasks by implementing automation.
  • Agile incident resolution. With the help of specialized troubleshooting and corrective support, you can proactively diagnose and reverse errors related to unplanned interruptions, decreased performance, and other incidents related to third-party systems and applications.
  • Enhanced transparency and visibility. Integrate Atlassian applications with other organizational tools to consolidate data from various sources, eliminating data silos and improving transparency and visibility.

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Get started today

By prioritizing the performance of your Atlassian toolset, you can unlock its full potential and drive greater productivity within your organization. Don’t let sluggishness hold you back—take proactive steps today to supercharge your Atlassian toolset and elevate your project management capabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about Atlassian Managed Services and invest in the continuous management and support of your Atlassian toolset!


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