Remote or in-person work? Meet our hybrid model

Published: August 13, 2021

It's true that the world changed with the pandemic. We had to reinvent ourselves, especially in terms of the work model.

In a few months, drastic changes made us reflect on the prospects of distributed teams, as well as remote and asynchronous work.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the work model we adopted and the 5 principles that make up our Future of Work Manifesto.

So, remote or in-person work?

The answer for us is hybrid work.

For us, choosing a hybrid model means we have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and the characteristics of different teams.

Our CEO, Marcio Silveira, commented on the made decision:

“As the environment around us changes more and more, our ability to adapt will be put to the test. We need to embrace innovation and continue our journey as lifelong learners. […] In a heterogeneous company like ours, we will pursue a combination of remote and in-person work models.”

What are the office+ and Remote+ models?

Office+ and Remote+ are the two possible work models to which employees will be assigned.

The Office+ model consists of the categories Fully Collocated and Alternating On-Site.

The Remote+ model consists of the categories On-Site On-Demand, Connected Remote, and Work from Anywhere.

Check out the images below to learn all the details of each model:

Office+ and Remote+ employees

In stark contrast to before the pandemic, when working from home was sporadic for the most part of employees, our team is structured as follows:

  • Office+: 7% of employees will follow this model, including 1% in the Fully Collocated category and 6% in the Alternating On-Site category;
  • Remote+: 93% of employees will follow this model, including 20% in the On-Site On-Demand category, 57% in the Connected Remote category, and 16% in the Work from Anywhere category.

Future of Work Manifesto

To protect our values and our culture, as well as to maintain high levels of performance and trust among e-Coreans in a hybrid work environment, we follow five principles that make up our Future of Work Manifesto:

Hybrid and adaptable

Adopting hybrid work models means having the flexibility to adapt to remote or in-person work based on the context and needs of each team.

Strong culture everywhere

No matter where our team members are, we believe that employees and customers need to live and breathe our culture.

We rely on good management practices, genuine values, procedures, and cutting-edge tools to build a strong culture everywhere.

Equal opportunities for everyone

We understand that working remotely or in person doesn't make anyone better or in a position to deliver more.

We have the mindset and the culture to promote fair treatment at work. Here, opportunities will not be restricted to those who work in our offices.

Work-life balance

We are a team that seeks to find a balance between professional and personal life, maintaining high levels of productivity.

We're also aware of how we can help our colleagues have the same balance and productivity on a daily basis.

Asynchronous communication

It's true that communication is becoming increasingly asynchronous in remote work environments.

Although it comes with greater flexibility, fewer interruptions, and higher productivity, we realize there are potential difficulties and take care to minimize them.

Do you have new plans for your career?

We don't plan to change our values or our culture, but we are renewing our company practices to keep building a better future for our customers, employees, and business partners.

Take a look at the incredible opportunities available to work at e-Core!


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