e-Core helps provider of auto repair estimates achieve 300% increase in quotes with AI and AWS technology

Published: November 14, 2023

The client and the challenge

The client designed its system to streamline the workflow of auto repair shops and insurance companies. Their system, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and image recognition technologies, automates vehicle repair cost estimation using images and accident-related information. All this process operates seamlessly without requiring input from appraisers, repair facilities, or insurance adjusters. The customer experienced substantial growth, increasing from 64,000 quotations to 257,000 in a year, averaging 800 quotes per day. Due to heavy regulation standards in the insurance sector, they needed to address security and compliance issues while accommodating this growth in data volumes that were requesting scalability and enhanced performance with Big Data and Analytics, along with image recognition capabilities to handle larger repair quotations volume in the future.

The solution

Our solution comprised several initiatives focusing on security and compliance during the cloud migration process. 

We established the framework within SageMaker, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that efficiently streamlines the machine learning lifecycle. The Model Management functionality within SageMaker simplified version control, monitoring, and the overall management of machine learning models, ensuring their sustained accuracy and reliability over time. This functionality became central to their business as they continually deal with a significant volume of new car models and versions entering the market. Auto Scaling enabled SageMaker to dynamically manage deployed endpoints, responding to changes in traffic and usage for optimal performance under varying workloads.

The integrated monitoring and management tools provided by AWS SageMaker allowed real-time tracking of model drift, data quality issue detection, and efficient control over model versions and deployments. This functionality became crucial for handling the increasing daily quotation volume, projecting growth and long-term success.

The results

When the customer approached e-Core, the company had 63,600 registered car models, with over 200,000 monthly piece repairs, resulting in 560 million dollars in car pieces revenue. Two years later, their platform processed an average of 250 pictures per minute, reaching over 5,000 quotations daily, and annual quotes increased by 300%. This success allowed them to achieve a 90% market share in their sector.

Our multi-year partnership extended beyond the project’s scope. While studying the client’s data, we identified a product opportunity and suggested a new solution. They embraced it, developed it, and secured a 20 million dollar third-party investment to validate this new solution. This investment demonstrates the difference between having a tech provider and having a trusted technology partner committed to your business’s success.

About e-Core

e-Core is an IT consulting firm that combines global experience with leading technologies to help customers drive business growth and accelerate digital transformation. As a company that delivered thousands of projects for over 300 companies across the globe in 24 years of experience in the IT services market, their 750+ certified professionals and strategic partnerships (with Google Cloud, AWS and Atlassian) allow them to equip clients with AI capabilities by leveraging their expertise in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Generative AI.

With headquarters in NY, delivery centers in Brazil and Mexico, and +15 years of experience with nearshore outsourcing, they offer time-zone alignment with North America-based companies, improving cost-effectiveness with savings of nearly 40% without compromising real-time collaboration.

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