Takeaways from Atlassian Team ’23: Day One

Published: April 19, 2023

The Atlassian Team '23 event has officially kicked off and the e-Core team is excited to be in attendance. The first day was marked by a lot of exchange with visitors at our booth, valuable insights from the Atlassian Partner Accelerate Day, and an inspiring opening keynote by James Cameron.

Check out day one key highlights:

Atlassian Partner Accelerate Day

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we're always seeking ways to enhance our skills and knowledge to better serve our clients. Our team had a chance to attend the Atlassian Partner Accelerate Day, an important opportunity for us to learn about the latest updates, trends, and news from the Atlassian ecosystem. We're excited to bring these insights back to our team and clients to help them succeed in their digital transformation journey.

Creating the Impossible by James Cameron

Atlassian Team '23 features many exciting keynote sessions, and we were especially inspired by James Cameron's "Creating the Impossible" talk. As a filmmaker and explorer, Cameron has built a career of bringing impossible realities to the big screen. He shared his insights on how technology and teamwork can come together to make the impossible, possible.

Here are the main lessons: 

  • Overcoming budget constraints: Cameron shared how he used storytelling to find innovative ways to push the boundaries of the film industry. When faced with budget and time limitations, he used those constraints to fuel his creativity and explore different ways of shooting scenes.
  • Pushing innovation: He encouraged attendees to innovate “slightly beyond what you think you can do in one cycle, and then do it." These incremental changes allowed him to achieve major innovations in the movie industry.
  • Setting high standards and taking risks: Cameron emphasized the importance of setting high standards and taking risks to achieve groundbreaking results. He shared examples from his experiences creating Avatar. When the team was discouraged by a major challenge, he told them: “When you look back a few years from now, you will remember this moment because nobody has done what you are trying to do." It's the challenges that make the road to innovation worth it.
  • Leadership: He highlighted the importance of creating a safe space for the team to freely exchange thoughts and ideas, even encouraging silly questions as they can sometimes spark innovative solutions. “You don’t need to have an answer for everything. The team has to have it.” A good leader empowers their team to collaborate to find the answers.

Stay tuned for more

The first day of Atlassian Team '23 has been full of exciting news and insights. We're grateful for the opportunity to attend and learn from the best in the industry. Stay tuned for more takeaways from the event, and don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on our journey! And if you're in Vegas, stop by booth #69 to say hello!

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