Best Practices for Scaling Your Atlassian Toolset

Published: August 15, 2023

Managing an expanding Atlassian toolset in the Cloud comes with unique challenges and considerations. As your company grows, it’s crucial to address common pain points and ensure control, scalability, and efficiency in your Atlassian environment.

This blog post offers valuable tips and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of a growing toolset, with a specific focus on Cloud instances.

Tips on managing your Atlassian toolset

By following these tips, you can boost the management and administration of your Atlassian toolset, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing the benefits of these powerful tools. Let’s check them out:

Administrative Control

  • Assign a dedicated administrator to oversee and manage all settings and configurations in your Atlassian toolset.
  • Ensure proper user access controls and permissions are in place to maintain security and control over your environment.

Scalability and Configurations

  • Regularly assess and optimize your toolset configurations to accommodate growth and changing needs.
  • Identify and address non-scalable configurations that may hinder performance as your company expands.

Legacy Systems

  • Evaluate and streamline complex legacy systems within your Atlassian toolset to improve efficiency and eliminate outdated processes.


  • Identify and eliminate workarounds by addressing underlying issues or limitations in your Atlassian toolset.
  • Seek solutions that promote streamlined workflows and minimize the need for manual workarounds

Metrics and Reporting

  • Ensure your Jira instance is properly structured to extract meaningful metrics and data.
  • Define and configure the issue type hierarchy to align with your company’s strategic vision and reporting needs.

Screen Configuration

  • Collaborate with teams to establish key fields, mandatory requirements, and field visibility on Jira screens.
  • Optimize screen layouts to improve user experience and productivity.

Advanced Analytics

  • Use built-in Jira reports to track progress and performance.
  • Explore integration with advanced analytics tools such as PowerBI, EazyBI, or Mindpro Insights for more customized and detailed metrics.

Jira Work Management

  • Leverage Jira Work Management features for seamless task management across business teams.
  • Utilize Kanban boards, project summaries, automation, and reporting capabilities to enhance collaboration and productivity.

HR Project Management

  • Create a dedicated project in Jira for HR-related tasks and processes, such as employee onboarding, performance management, and offboarding.
  • Streamline HR workflows and improve communication inside the HR team using Jira’s features.

Forms and Request Management

  • Use Jira Service Management forms to collect relevant information and streamline request workflows.
  • Customize forms to include conditional logic and advanced formatting to capture specific data requirements.

Need help? Introducing Atlassian Managed Services

Atlassian tools play a crucial role in the growth and evolution of your business. Managing your Atlassian environment effectively is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability of your existing technical solutions. However, the multitude of tasks, the need to stay up to date with the latest features, and the pressure to support strategic initiatives can be overwhelming for many system admins.

That is why we’ve designed Atlassian Managed Services, so you gain access to comprehensive support and management for your Atlassian environment, empowering the digital evolution of your business.

Some of the benefits of Atlassian Managed Services are:

  • Enhanced toolset performance: Identify faulty, missing elements, and configuration errors to maximize performance and automate manual tasks.
  • Agile incident resolution: swiftly diagnose and resolve errors, interruptions, and performance issues in third-party systems.
  • Enhanced transparency and visibility: integrate Atlassian applications with organizational tools for centralized data, eliminating silos and enhancing visibility.

Contact us today to learn more about Atlassian Managed Services and invest in the continuous management and support of your Atlassian toolset!


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