In-Demand Software Developer Skills for 2022

Published: April 19, 2022

In this blog post, you’ll find the 3 top software developer skills your tech team needs in 2022 to manage the technical labor shortage.

The market for experienced, skilled technology professionals is challenging, and expected to become even more difficult in the coming years. As of 2021, the global deficit of skilled workers was estimated to be approximately 40 million workers: and some projections state that it could reach twice that number by 2030.

Companies are managing this shortage in a number of ways: by offering higher salaries and increased benefits to attract workers; by upskilling current talent to meet future needs; and by attempting to automate tasks and become more efficient. However, without the necessary human resources, it can be impossible to deliver new software products successfully.

To deliver innovative, leading-edge software products, companies are increasingly turning to trusted third-party software developers, like e-Core. e-Core developers have the skills you need, when you need them. A scalable solution for successful software delivery.

So what software developer skills are in demand, current and future?

Front-end developers.

Front-end developers are responsible for the design and implementation of a user interface so that end-users can access the functionality of the software application. These software developers must have deep knowledge and understanding of coding languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. However, for leading-edge design and interface functionality, companies need software developers with skills and experience in:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Ext.JS
  • Kendo UI

Back-end developers.

A back-end developer works behind the scenes: working on the structure of the application that makes it work in the parts that the user doesn’t see. This involves the design, features, testing and maintenance of the working parts within the application. For a long time, popular skills for back-end developers have included Python and Java. But the skills that are growing in demand – and more difficult to find – include Ruby, Golang, and Scala.

Mobile developers.

As people conduct more business on their smartphones and mobile devices, applications must be created and maintained to optimize mobile performance. Skills that feed this demand for mobile applications include:

  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Kotlin
  • Swift

As companies continue to improve existing software applications and develop new, innovative products and services, the need for software developers with skills and experience will grow. This means that the technical labor shortage could continue for several years. To manage this need, many organizations are exploring third-party partners as a vehicle for accessing skilled software development teams.

A trusted third-party partner, like e-Core, has software developers with the skills and experience necessary to help companies build innovative products and remain competitive now and in the future. Not convinced yet? Download the FREE e-book, “5 Benefits of a Software Delivery Partner”. It’s a quick read and synopsis of solutions to IT talent shortages. Then contact e-Core to discuss your project. We promise a fast and enduring solution.


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