How can we
help you?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our hiring process, opportunities for students and graduates, e-Corean experience, diversity and inclusion, and much more!

How can we
help you?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our hiring process, opportunities for students and graduates, e-Corean experience, diversity and inclusion, and much more!

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our hiring process, opportunities for students and graduates, e-Corean experience, diversity and inclusion, and much more!


Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

Look for the position you would like to apply for on our job board ( and fill out the form for the role. Remember, you can filter open roles by location or team/department. You can also apply via LinkedIn.

To check all open positions and their information, you can access our career page.

After filling out the form and submitting your application, the next steps are with us! All updates regarding your application will be sent to your email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Each stage of the recruitment process is defined prior to the application, so they may vary according to each team necessity and expectation where the opportunity is open. Upon receiving the first contact from HR, you will be informed about each stage and estimated duration of the process. There are usually 3 types of assessment: With HR, technical assessment and the interview with leadership.

After the recruitment process is closed, we recommend waiting approximately six months to resubmit your application and participate again.

At the end of the recruitment process, you will receive a link to fill in a form with your evaluation. If you feel comfortable, you can share your feedback directly with the HR team.

Yes! All candidates receive feedback, whether positive or negative, within the time informed by the HR team. If you haven’t received it, contact the HR professional who was your focal point for more information.

e-Core has a great referral program available for e-Coreans to refer friends, family and co-workers for a job opportunity with us. If you know someone who works at e-Core, ask them to refer you via

If selected, we will schedule a meeting to share our offer. Upon verbal acceptance, you will receive an offer letter with all the information/benefits relevant to your position, as well as a material called “e-Core Experience”. In this material you will find relevant information about our work models, corporate benefits, e-Core practices, and programs and partnerships – it is very important that you start to feel what the experience of being an e-Corean is like.

Here we are always thinking about providing the best experience for our people. That’s why, before starting your journey at e-Core, you will receive an email with the full schedule and instructions for your first day with us. On the week before your start date, you will receive your work-from-home kit. On the Monday of your first day at e-Core, you will have a very special agenda to learn more about our culture, values, and practices. You will also be welcomed by our IT team and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about benefits, administrative services, and your work schedule with our Employee Services team.

We offer all the necessary equipment for you to perform your work, guaranteeing the comfort of employees and the safety of the information shared during the work.

Benefits are flexible at e-Core! With e-Core Flex you choose what suits your lifestyle better! Several different benefits are available for you to create the package that best fits your needs!

We have permanent roles and internship opportunities.

For your day-to-day

  • Bonus Program
  • Remote (or hybrid) work
  • Customized Onboarding kit
  • Home Office Setup Subsidy
  • Monthly Remote Work Subsidy
  • Monthly Celebrations

For your career

  • 90-day program living abroad
  • Education allowance
  • Educational partnerships
  • Multicultural and global environment
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Performance evaluations
  • Follow-up with HR and leadership


For your well-being

  • 15 days PTO accrued based on your start date
  • Flexible working hours
  • Periodic well-being sessions (meditation, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Opportunities to multiply your knowledge with e-Talks
  • Health and dental plan for you and your dependents

PS: depending on your location, benefits may vary, please ask your recruiter for more information.

At e-Core, we have 5 different work models! You can learn more about them through this blog post:

Yes! The “Work From Anywhere” model allows you to work from anywhere inside the US. For those who want to go overseas, we have a policy that allows e-Coreans to travel abroad for up to 90 days while working, after you complete a year with us.

You can request for PTO after a period of six months. After that, you will have 15 days PTO accrued based on your start date.

Yes, we have a Bonus Program available for all our US employees. More information is available during your selection process.

At e-Core, we work a total of 40 hours per week, from Monday to Friday. Our daily shift is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m but we work with flexible hours as well.

It means being part of a global and multidisciplinary team and knowing that PEOPLE will always be at the center of our strategy. e-Core takes care of people so that people take care of the business, so you will truly live each of our values in practice. If you want to know what it’s like to work at e-Core, visit our Glassdoor page and check out some employee testimonials (,17.htm)

We know that balance between personal and professional life is crucial, so work-life balance is part of our values. We encourage e-Coreans to live in the present and achieve their goals healthily and consciously. We offer quick guided meditation sessions daily to our employees, bringing the possibility to “disconnect” so that we can improve our focus, attention, and control emotions. In addition, we promote online conversation sessions guided by psychologists, and individual talks according to each person’s needs.

Be yourself and work on how you feel most comfortable! Whether wearing casual clothes, jeans, shorts or flip-flops, at e-Core we value your well-being.

We are a team of creative and innovative people, and we hire on an equal opportunity, regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion and others.
We celebrate diversity and firmly encourage everyone to: be yourself, be your best!

Yes, through our e-Core Foundation we have the goal of distributing 1,000 technical training grants by 2025, supporting the qualification of students so that they can enter the technology market. In addition, we continually encourage our team of e-Koreans to volunteer in actions that encourage the development of students in STEM skills, making this area even more accessible to different social groups, especially minorities. We believe that we have a role in creating a more diverse and inclusive society. Learn more here: e-Core foundation

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